5 de March de 2024

Business model and Innovation

1.Business model resilience
2. Product design and lifecycle management
3. Efficiency in material sourcing and use
4. Supply chain management
5. Sustainable finance

Resilience, versatility and the ability to reinvent ourselves and conquer new markets are symbols of our trajectory. Thus, we created two profitable business lines – Workwear and Jeanswear – in the search for solid financial results and potential for sustainable expansion.

Incorporating investment in research and development, new technologies and the most modern techniques in the textile industry, we have created a true innovation ecosystem. The use of Lean Manufacturing practices boosts our performance.

Efficiency is the principle that moves us, in the design and life cycle of products, in relationships with suppliers and customers, in the management of inventories and production processes, in ensuring solutions desired by the consumer. To strengthen the entire production chain in the textile sector and establish itself as a quality reference in the national and international market.