5 de March de 2024


1.Environmental Management Policies and Practices
2. Ecological impacts
3. Energy management
4. Water and liquid effluent management
5. Waste and hazardous materials management

Environmental protection is an essential and urgent agenda. For Cedro it is a reality. Investment in quality of life, the well-being of future generations and a sustainable production model is present throughout the operation.

We preserved an area of 5.6 thousand hectares in one of the most important Brazilian biomes in Serra do Cipó. We work with certified cotton, we treat all effluents, we consume less water than the sector average, we have continually reduced CO² emissions in recent years and we continually seek solutions to reduce possible impacts on the environment.

Cedro works to change paradigms, combining development and preservation in the essence of the operation. Sharing value for a future everyone can be proud of. It is our responsibility, it is our commitment.