5 de March de 2024

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1.Human rights and community relations
2. Private social investment and corporate citizenship
3. Technical and economic accessibility
4. Product quality and safety
5. Product sales and labeling practices
6. Customer well-being
7. Customer privacy
8. Data security

A transformative business that multiplies benefits, changes realities in an inclusive way and respects diversity. Cedro’s actions go beyond financial objectives. It aims to build a comprehensive, rewarding legacy, based on improving people’s lives.

The positive social impact is a consequence of the business itself. The generation of jobs and income, economic activity in the locations where it is present and actions for communities. The desire to do more mobilized the creation of the Cedro e Cachoeira Association in 2011.

The entity undertakes social and environmental actions, promoting citizenship, in addition to partnerships with private entities and NGOs. From this, the Semente Cedro volunteer program was born, with dozens of projects with an extraordinary impact on the local reality.