Denim Super Elastic


Denim Super Elastic

Cedro is entering a new line of denim products: fabrics with mixed fibers. The Pavia article contains lyocell in its composition.

Jeans with a lyocell composition, also known as TENCEL™, are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. Lyocell is a type of fiber made from wood pulp dissolved using a solvent spinning process. It is known for its softness, breathability and environmentally friendly production process.

Jeans made with lyocell have a much softer feel compared to traditional denim, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

The Pavia article has great width, high stretch potential, intense blue dyeing and extreme comfort.


  • Extreme comfort;
  • Fiber blend;
  • Excellent touch.

Technical Sheet

Weight: 8,8oz
Frame: 3X1Z
Width: 1,51±3
Composition: 89%CO- 8%EME-3%PUE
Stretch Potential: 50% A 60%
Finishing: Tinto Touch e PT Touch


  • Better washing performance providing a more evident seam marking;
  • Pilling and fading that does not show intense wrinkling despite its high stretch potential;
  • Rich dyeing that provides clean blue nuances;
  • Comfortable feel;
  • Better performance in sustainable washes;
  • Structurally well-balanced product.

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